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Established in 1984, the American Journal of Islam and Society (AJIS) is an open-access, biannual, double-blind peer-reviewed and interdisciplinary journal with global reach, published by the International Institute of Islamic Thought (IIIT), and distributed worldwide.

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Current Issue

Vol. 40 No. 3-4 (2023): American Journal of Islam and Society


Editorial Note

Ovamir Anjum
Abstract 61 | PDF Downloads 54

Page 2-4


The “Metaphysical Monster” and Muslim Theology

Sam Houston
Abstract 173 | PDF Downloads 109

Page 6-40

The Ideals and Interests in Intellectuals’ Political Deliberations

Muhammad Amasha
Abstract 356 | PDF Downloads 142

Page 41-76

Rethinking the Concept of Fiṭra

Syamsuddin Arif
Abstract 832 | PDF Downloads 573

Page 77-103

The Early Sufi Tradition in Hamadān, Nahāwand, and Abhar

Fateh Saeidi
Abstract 178 | PDF Downloads 74

Page 104-135

Review Essay

Rethinking the Prophethood of Muhammad in Christian Theology

Mehraj Din
Abstract 86 | PDF Downloads 76

Page 138-154

Book Reviews

Women and Gender in the Qur’an

Zainab Bint Younus
Abstract 93 | PDF Downloads 116

Page 156-168

Islam, Liberalism, and Ontology A Critical Re-evaluation (by Joseph J. Kaminski)

Sümeyye Sakarya
Abstract 96 | PDF Downloads 53

Page 169-173

Islam and Good Governance A Political Philosophy of Ihsan (by M. A. Muqtedar Khan)

Samira I. Ibrahim
Abstract 149 | PDF Downloads 115

Page 174-178

From Victims to Suspects: Muslim Women since 9/11 (by Shakira Hussein)

Felipe Freitas de Souza
Abstract 64 | PDF Downloads 53

Page 179-183

Abstracting and Indexing