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Established in 1984, the American Journal of Islam and Society (AJIS) is a biannual (April and October), double-blind peer-reviewed and interdisciplinary journal, published by the International Institute of Islamic Thought (IIIT), and distributed worldwide.

In the year 2020, the Journal received its new name, American Journal of Islam and Society (AJIS), repl
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Current Issue

Vol. 38 No. 1-2 (2021): A new issue of the American Journal of Islam and Society

Published: 2021-05-03

We are pleased to announce the publication of AJIS 38:1-2. This issue begins with a substantive editorial by AJIS coeditor Shuruq Naguib engaging the field of gender analysis in the study of Islam. The issue then features four research articles. In the first article, Ahmad Atif Ahmad revisits the Asl/Mabsut of Muhammad al-Shaybani, offering a contemporary reading of the complex relationship between norms and consent in this foundational Islamic legal text. In the second article, Sari Hanafi analyzes the institutionalization of the project of 'Islamization of Knowledge' through a case study of the International Islamic University of Malaysia. In the third article, Rafi Rahman traces the entanglement of race, religion, and culture in the United States -- a complex terrain negotiated by Black Muslims who challenge their marginalization as Muslim Americans in the umma. In the fourth article, Saja Parvizian reconstructs Ibn Rushd's argument that al-Ghazali is an unbeliever for causing others to fall into unbelief. The issue also includes three review essays -- by Omar Anchassi, Tammy Gaber, and Dženita Karić -- and a series of reviews. It concludes with Abdullah Drury's history of New Zealand Muslim discourse and thought.

AJIS Editorial Team


Islam and the Epistemic Politics of Gender

Shuruq Naguib
Abstract 1049 | PDF Downloads 465 Pre-press PDF Downloads 325


Fifty-Seven Tracts: Shaybānī’s (d. 189/805) Aṣl/Mabsūṭ, Twelve Centuries On

Ahmad Atif Ahmad
Abstract 698 | PDF Downloads 182 Pre-press PDF Downloads 142

Averroës’ Takfīr of al-Ghazālı̄: Ta’wīl and Causal Kufr

Saja Parvizian
Abstract 852 | PDF Downloads 281 Pre-press PDF Downloads 178

From Streamlining to Mainstreaming “Islamization of Knowledge”

Sari hanafi
Abstract 1152 | PDF Downloads 380 Pre-press PDF Downloads 245

The Dissemination and Implementation of Islam within the African American Community

Rafiqur Rahman
Abstract 639 | PDF Downloads 161 Pre-press PDF Downloads 117

Review Essay

Book Reviews

Defending Muhammad in Modernity (by SherAli Tareen)

Junaid S. Ahmad
Abstract 577 | PDF Downloads 161 Pre-press PDF Downloads 125

Saṭwat al-Naṣ: Khiṭāb al-Azhar wa Azmat al-Ḥukm (By Basma Abdel Aziz)

Muhammad Amasha
Abstract 570 | PDF Downloads 67 Pre-press PDF Downloads 64

The Power of Education (by Jeremy Henzell-Thomas)

Madiha Patel
Abstract 387 | PDF Downloads 132 Pre-press PDF Downloads 88

Madrasas and the Making of Islamic Womanhood (by Hem Borker)

Fella Lahmar
Abstract 427 | PDF Downloads 100 Pre-press PDF Downloads 96

Indonesia’s Islamic Revolution (by Kevin Fogg)

Khairudin Aljunied
Abstract 308 | PDF Downloads 82 Pre-press PDF Downloads 83

Islam and Asia: A History (by Chiara Formichi)

Daniel Morgan
Abstract 295 | PDF Downloads 96 Pre-press PDF Downloads 97


Comfortably Numb: A Short History of New Zealand Muslim Discourse and Thought

Abdullah Drury
Abstract 1178 | PDF Downloads 74 Pre-press PDF Downloads 205

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