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Established in 1984, the American Journal of Islam and Society (AJIS) is an open-access, biannual, double-blind peer-reviewed and interdisciplinary journal with global reach, published by the International Institute of Islamic Thought (IIIT), and distributed worldwide.

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The American Journal of Islam and Society places a special importance on supporting the work of up-and-coming authors.  Early career scholars (i.e., within 3 years of being awarded a Ph.D. or before) working on the journal’s themes are especially encouraged to submit their articles for review. AJIS is pleased to announce that articles by early career scholars accepted by the journal will receive a special honorarium of $500 upon publication. These articles will be submitted through the usual process, and prospective authors are kindly asked to indicate their status as early career upon submission. We look forward to receiving your work.

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Current Issue

Vol. 40 No. 1-2 (2023): American Journal of Islam and Society


Editorial Note

Ovamir Anjum
Abstract 260 | PDF Downloads 79

Page 2-4


Cosmographical Readings of the Qurʾan

Adrien Chauvet
Abstract 507 | PDF Downloads 251

Page 8-38

The Non-Crucifixion Verse

Louay Fatoohi
Abstract 1395 | PDF Downloads 284

Page 39-76

Yusuf al-Qaradawi’s Jurisprudence of Priorities

Murie Hassan
Abstract 470 | PDF Downloads 105

Page 77-120

Review Essay

Recasting the Religious Architecture of Islam

Tammy Gaber
Abstract 230 | PDF Downloads 60

Page 122-137

Review of Recent Works in Maturidi Theology

Martin Nguyen
Abstract 276 | PDF Downloads 89

Page 138-142

Book Reviews

Female Religious Authority in Shi'i Islam: Past and Present

Carimo Mohomed
Abstract 472 | PDF Downloads 141

Page 144-149

Shariah and the Halal Industry

Betania Kartika
Abstract 325 | PDF Downloads 120

Page 150-156

Beyond the Divide: A Century of Canadian Mosque Design

H Masud Taj
Abstract 172 | PDF Downloads 50

Page 157-162

Islamic Law and Ethics

Saheed Ahmad Rufai
Abstract 231 | PDF Downloads 86

Page 163-170


Time in the Qur’an

Enes Karic
Abstract 290 | PDF Downloads 150

Page 172-212

Extremism and Islamophobia Against the Muslim Minority in Sri Lanka

Muhammad Saekul Mujahidin
Abstract 540 | PDF Downloads 156

Page 213-241

Abstracting and Indexing