As the publishing industry is moving more towards the digital world, Open Access is becoming a matter of fact for a high number of academic journals. Hence and as it has always been, IIIT is updating its policies to keep up with the publishing world, first by making a good percentage of its academic books open access, and second, moving its world-renowned journals to open access, starting in 2019 with its Arabic journal, al-Fikr al-Islami al-Mu’asir (Contemporary Islamic Thought). IIIT is happy to announce that its English journal, the American Journal of Islam and Society (AJIS), is following suit and transitioning to open access online beginning January 2021. Print subscriptions for individuals and institutions are still available.

Unlike other immediate OA models where journals derive some or all of their revenue by charging authors when publishing papers, IIIT is committed to its mission of sharing knowledge free of charge. Publishing in AJIS will continue to be free of change for scholars and researchers.

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