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Zakyi Ibrahim



As one of history’s most prolific Muslim writers, the theologian and jurist Ibn
Hazm (d. 1064) had a remarkably successful intellectual career. Scholars continue
to argue over him, perhaps due to his own diverse perspectives, potentials,
and achievements. I consider his multiple achievements, notwithstanding
any deserved negative impressions, a cause for celebrating this intellectual
giant. Consequently, it is appropriate that he be profiled here. While this format
may be restrictive, I hope to pursue some specific aspects in subsequent editorials
to paint a more comprehensive and coherent picture of this multifaceted
scholar. Charles Pellat, in his article on “Ibn îazm al-Andalus¥” writes:
“Ab´ Muúammad ‘Al¥ ibn Aúmad ibn Sa‘¥d ibn îazm, a poet, man-of-letters,
historian, polemist, juriconsult, theologian, logician, metaphysician, and psychologist,
was certainly one of the most refined and productive representatives
of the Arab culture in Spain.” ..

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