Being Young and Muslim New Cultural Politics in the Global South and North (Religion and Global Politics Series) by Linda Herrera and Asef Baya, eds. (New York: Oxford University Press, 2010. pbk. 426 pages)

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Hala Shehadeh



Being Young and Muslim is a compilation of narratives that address the
cultural politics of Muslim youth from multiple perspectives—youthful
lifestyles, rebellion, and accommodations signify the “intricate relationship
between the young, youth identities and Islam” (19). The volume is
divided into five parts. Each part contains several chapters and contextualizes
an aspect associated with being young and Muslim. Most of the chapters
in this volume were produced for two international workshops on the
“Making of the Muslim Youth” that were presented in Leiden in February
2005 and in The Hague in October 2006 (v). In the first chapter “Introduction:
Being Young and Muslim in Neoliberal Times,” Linda Herrera and
Asef Bayat present the focal points to be addressed throughout the volume:
the approaches and directions Muslim youth will undertake in an era with
“multiple constraints and opportunities of being young, Muslim, marginalized,
and subjects of social control” (11) ...

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