It’s Easier to Reach Heaven than the End of the Street A Jerusalem Memoir By Emma Williams (Northampton, MA: Olive Branch Press, 2010. 415 pages.)

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Francis Robinson



Emma Williams is a British doctor who studied history at Oxford and
medicine at London. This book, which was first published in Britain in
2006, records her experiences and assessments of what she saw when she accompanied her husband, a senior UN official, to Israel during 2000-03.
The family lived in Jerusalem’s “Forest of Peace,” an area south of the old
city, which remained undeveloped because it had been no man’s land
patrolled by the UN between 1948 and 1967. Emma and her husband went
with three children and had a fourth, born out of choice in a Palestinian
hospital in Bethlehem, while they were there. Her husband spent much of
his time in Gaza; Emma worked in Jerusalem and, when possible, in the
West Bank ...

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