Arabic, Islam, and the Allah Lexicon How Language Shapes Our Conception of God by John A. Morrow, ed. (USA: Edwin Melton Press, 2006. 317 pages.

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Mohammed Farghal



Divided into five chapters plus a bibliography and an index, Arabic,
Islam, and the Allah Lexicon explores Allah-centric expressions in Arabic
and their far-reaching influence on the linguistic behavior of native Arabic
speakers in particular and Muslims speaking their own languages in general.
It clearly demonstrates how Islam’s advent constituted a turning point in the
history of theArabic language by introducing numerous theocentric expressions
reflecting God’s oneness, as opposed to the practice of polytheism in
the pre-Islamic era. These expressions have successfully become the banner
of day-to-day communication in Arab communities and, to a lesser extent,
in non-ArabMuslim cultures. TheAllah lexicon inArabic has indeed shaped
the concept of God inArab and/or Muslim culture; henceAllah’s omnipresence, omnipotence, and omniscience are linguistically felt in times of prosperity
and adversity alike ...

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