Islam, Postmodernism and Other Futures A Ziauddin Sardar Reader by Sohail Inayatullah and Gail Boxwell, eds. (London and Sterling, VA: Pluto Press, 2003. 374 pages.)

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Ali Hassan Zaidi



Followers of the Islamization of Knowledge project probably know the
work of Ziauddin Sardar best for its trenchant critique of that project. Yet
the prolific British-Pakistani intellectual has written thoughtfully on topics
ranging from the social consequences of science and technology and the
future development of Muslim societies to cultural studies and the impact
of postmodernism on religious belief. Since Sardar’s work is scattered
across books, academic journals, and science and news magazines, the Reader is a most welcome compendium that showcases the breadth of his
The book contains 20 selections, which are divided almost equally into
three sections; the editors' introduction, which I discuss below; and a working
bibliography of Sardar's writings and index, both of which are very useful
additions ...

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