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Danjuma A. Maiwada



From the outset, it is pertinent to attempt a definition of
"Islamization" and "lslarnization of knowledge." lslamization is the
transformation of a worldview from one that is "crooked" or jahil
(ignorant) co one that is Islamic. This tran formation has manifested
itself time and again through a succession of prophets and messengers
of God and culminated in the Prophet Muhammad. When the Arabian
peninsula was gripped in the darkness of the jahiliyya-the period of
ignorance, lawles ness, brutality,
and fear-Islam came as a light. It
began with the first revelation of the Qur'an to the Prophet Muhanunad
in Mak.kah in the year 610 A.D., commanding him to "Read in the name
of Your Lord." Knowledge, therefore, is the first and most significant
aspect of Islam as AJlah, by His revelation of the Holy Qur'an, has
sought to guide mankind to the right path. The significance of
knowledge is that it is only when people know and can distinguish
between right and wrong that they can establish a justly balanced society
and be the representatives of their Lord, Allah, on earth-which is
mankind's mission ...

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