Intertext and Allusion in the Qur’anic Presentation of Noah’s Story

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Abdul-Samad Abdullah



This study explores the Qur’anic presentation of the story of Noah and his people. In particular, it examines the purposes behind the variations and similarities found in the s´rahs that mention it and focuses on three fundamental aspects: linguistic or stylistic variations, religious or moral purposes that determine a particular linguistic or stylistic register and contextualize the story within a particular s´rah, and the extent to which the style serves that s´rah’s objectives. Moreover, while this story has very clear and consistent themes, each s´rah’s concern and context to some extent shapes its rendering therein. Hence, I propose that the repetition of this story is a response to a particular context or conforms to the particular aims and objectives of the s´rah in which it appears. This repetition or intertext and allusion therefore become desirable, if not necessary, for both religious and stylistic requirements.

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