The Study Quran A New Translation and Commentary

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Karen Bauer



The Study Quran (hereafter SQ) is an impressive undertaking that took several
scholars years to complete. It consists of a general introduction, a translation
of the Qur’an, a synopsis/adaptation of certain Quran commentaries,
and a series of essays that seek to explain the sacred text’s place in Islamic
life and thought. These latter range from “How to Read the Quran” and
“The Islamic View of the Quran” to “Quranic Ethics, Human Rights, and
Society” and different aspects of the text’s interpretation, such as “The
Qur’an and Sufism” and “Quranic Commentaries.” The project includes
maps that reconstruct the position of important events such as the Battle of
Badr and the Conquest of Makkah. Several of the essays are written by excellent
scholars, and the project as a whole is grand in its scope. The entire
work, including introductions and maps, exceeds 2,000 pages.
It is difficult to review such a work as a whole, because there is so
much of it and at almost every level it represents a construction of particular
values and views. From the choice of the editors and their approach to the
manner of translating the text, the commentaries that are included, and even
the maps – each of these elements has been chosen by the editors as a part
of an overall vision of what it takes to understand the Quran correctly ...

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