The papers in this special issue and the one preceding it have their roots in a panel titled "Ethnography, Misrepresentations of Islam, and Advocacy", which Timothy Daniels and I organized for the 116th Annual Meeting of the American Anthropological Association. We were joined on this panel by Alisa Perkins, Katrina Thompson, Robert Hefner, and Yamil Avivi, where we all grappled with our struggles with the increasingly political nature of our work on Islam. Although we work in a variety of geographic regions, with diverse subjects, we all shared similar concerns regarding the complexity of accurately depicting the Muslim communities we study while challenging the anti-Muslim stereotypes that exist in popular culture and contemporary news media. At the same time, we did not wish to reify popular divisions between "good" and "bad" Muslims or inaccurately depict the lives of our research subjects in order to cater to that popular division.

Guest Editor:

Meryem F. Zaman

Associate Professor of Anthropology, Social Science Department

Borough of Manhattan Community College

City University of New York


Resisting Islamophobia

Nazreen Bacchus
Abstract 1211 | PDF Downloads 426 | DOI

Page 1-26

Muslims at the American Vigil

Alisa Perkins
Abstract 522 | PDF Downloads 258 | DOI

Page 26-60

Blackamerican Muslim Scholars and Leaders in New York City

Timothy Patrick Daniels
Abstract 416 | PDF Downloads 329 | DOI

Page 61-88

Review Essay

A Question of Presence and Agency

Tammy Gaber
Abstract 627 | PDF Downloads 233 | DOI

Page 89-99

Book Reviews

Islam and World History

Vernon James Schubel
Abstract 640 | PDF Downloads 411 | DOI

Page 100-103

Modern Things on Trial

Omar Anchassi
Abstract 544 | PDF Downloads 213 | DOI

Page 104-107

Sharī‘a Scripts

Andre Gingrich
Abstract 351 | PDF Downloads 143 | DOI

Page 108-109

Islam without Europe

Bruce B. Lawrence
Abstract 510 | PDF Downloads 258 | DOI

Page 110-112

Faith and Resistance

Shirin Saeidi
Abstract 309 | PDF Downloads 164 | DOI

Page 113-116


Madiha Patel
Abstract 451 | PDF Downloads 262 | DOI

Page 117-119

Radical Love

Pim Valkenberg
Abstract 535 | PDF Downloads 262 | DOI

Page 119-121

Research Handbook on Islamic Law and Society

Ossama Abdelgawwad
Abstract 468 | PDF Downloads 311 | DOI

Page 121-124

Images of the Prophet Muhammad in English Literature

Tauseef Ahmed Parray
Abstract 556 | PDF Downloads 360 | DOI

Page 125-128

Mediating Islam and Modernity

Owais Manzoor Dar
Abstract 567 | PDF Downloads 377 | DOI

Page 128-131


Guest Editorial

Guest Editorial

Meryem F. Zaman
Abstract 301 | PDF Downloads 148 | DOI

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