You will notice the new name of our journal, American Journal of Islam and Society, that has replaced the older American Journal of Islamic Social Sciences. Now in its thirty-seventh year, the journal has evolved along with the scholarly landscape and our global community of readers. The new name reflects an expansion of the journal’s scope, which has in fact already reflected in the articles it has featured for years. This change signals that social sciences and humanities are interrelated and that an Islamic engagement with one requires examining the other; we therefore wish to underscore that we welcome all scholarship that pertains to the myriad ways in which Islam and human societies interact. Furthermore, in order to optimize our resources and further improve the quality of the content, the journal will henceforth be published biannually rather than every quarter.

Dr. Ovamir Anjum




Ovamir Anjum
Abstract 680 | pdf Downloads 369 | DOI

Page v-xviii


Islamic Constitutionalism Before Sovereignty

Andrew March
Abstract 1061 | PDF Downloads 290 | DOI

Page 1-40

Theological and Intellectual Roots in Deobandi Thoughts

Atif Suhail Siddiqui
Abstract 1482 | PDF Downloads 441 | DOI

Page 41-66

Shaykh Google as Ḥāfiẓ al-ʿAṣr

Emad Hamdeh
Abstract 2121 | PDF Downloads 757 | DOI

Page 67-102

Toward a New Framework of Islamic Economic Analysis

Akhmad Akbar Susamto
Abstract 2913 | PDF Downloads 1213 | DOI

Page 103-123

Review Essay

Islam in Pakistan

Abu Zayd
Abstract 1427 | PDF Downloads 667 | DOI

Page 124-132

Book Reviews

Gendered Morality

Marion Holmes Katz
Abstract 768 | PDF Downloads 398 | DOI

Page 133-137

The Codification of Islamic Criminal Law in the Sudan

Asma M. Abdel Halim
Abstract 640 | PDF Downloads 401 | DOI

Page 137-139

Christians, Muslims, and Mary

Joshua Mugler
Abstract 503 | PDF Downloads 301 | DOI

Page 140-143

The Contemporary Islamic Governed State

Thomas Parker
Abstract 644 | PDF Downloads 299 | DOI

Page 148-152

Christian Martyrs Under Islam

Tayyaba Rafiq
Abstract 550 | PDF Downloads 328 | DOI

Page 152-156

Hermeneutics in the Genre of Mukhtaṣar

Umar Shareef
Abstract 450 | PDF Downloads 235 | DOI

Page 156-159

Law, Empire, and the Sultan

Omar Anchassi
Abstract 705 | PDF Downloads 509 | DOI

Page 160-165

Female Sexuality in the Early Medieval Islamic World

Omar Anchassi
Abstract 1719 | PDF Downloads 1066 | DOI

Page 166-170

Faces of Muhammad

Moiz Mohammed
Abstract 763 | PDF Downloads 706 | DOI

Page 170-173

Engineers of Jihad

Saman Fazeli
Abstract 826 | PDF Downloads 550 | DOI

Page 174-176


Some Pointers and Reminders in Islamic Studies

Mohammed Rustom
Abstract 839 | PDF Downloads 375 | DOI

Page 177-184