Secret Affairs Britain’s Collusion with Radical Islam By Mark Curtis (London: Serpent’s Tail, 2010. pbk. 423 pages.)

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Amr G. E. Sabet



This book deals with the old-new issue pertaining to the dialectics of Western,
particularly the British“Islamists” collusion during the decades of the
twentieth century and into the twenty-first century. The issue is old because
much of such collaboration has been either known or suspected, especially
during the era of the visible rise of threatening communist ideology since
the Russian Revolution of 1917, as well as other socialist ideas. It is new
because of the twists it has taken in the context of the sudden disappearance
of the common Soviet ideological enemy, which had glued both parties
to each other—and the ensuing so-called war on global terrorism. The
issue is also dialectical as it pertains to the seeming love-hate relationship
that permeated Western-Islamist interaction, and which despite all soundings
of mutual vituperations and appearances of alleged resentment, never
really stood in the way of both finding reasons and ways for colluding ...

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