In Pursuit of “Islamic Art and Architecture”

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Tammy Gaber



Books Reviewed: Richard Yeomans. The Art and Architecture of Islamic
Cairo. United Kingdom: Garnet Publishing, 2006; Doris Behrens-Aboseif.
Cairo of the Mamluks: A History of the Architecture and Its Culture. United
Kingdom: I.B. Tauris, 2007. GeorgeMichell. The Majesty ofMughalDecoration:
The Art and Architecture of Islamic India. New York: Thames and
Hudson, 2007.
Many people take it for granted that the blanket term Islamic art and architecture
is sufficient to convey the vast production carried out in the name of
Islam; however, they often have a limited vision of what this term actually
entails. Islam’s time span (fourteen centuries and counting) and geography
(historically ranging from Spain to China) simply means that the art and
architecture produced in its name deserves a more detailed and accountable
presentation of fact. In other words, it would be unthinkable for scholars to
use a term like Christian art and architecture instead of such specific terms
as Byzantine, Romanesque, and Gothic, each of which relates to a specific
time and place. Thus, the vocabulary of understanding the production of art
and architecture in Islam’s name requires the use and understanding of clear
terms and deserves specific publication and study ...

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