Mediterranean Architecture

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Tammy Gaber



Organized by the Faculty of Engineering on February 15-18, 2004 at Misr
International University, one of Egypt’s leading private universities, the
Department of Architecture and Dean Salah Zaky Said targeted a diverse
audience of architects and professionals. The varied responses and interpretations
of the conference’s title proved that this provocative subject
allowed for multilayered discussions. The dialogue between academics,
students, and professionals from different backgrounds identified meanings
with respect to the Mediterranean basin’s architecture. The following
themes were discussed: the social impact on Mediterranean architecture,
technology and crafts, urbanism and development, landscape and environment,
trends in current architecture, and heritage conservation.
The conference started with the keynote speech delivered by Suha
Ozkan (secretary of the Aga Khan Award), who traced the landmark works
of contemporary architecture in the Mediterranean basin. The solutions
presented addressed issues not only of regional aesthetics, but also of climatic
and cultural relevance. The second keynote speaker was Italian academic
and architect Attilio Petruccioli (dean, School of Architecture,
University of Bari, Italy), who brought up themes of typology and specificity
in architecture. A rich discussion followed, with one of the session
chairmen, Aga Khan Award recepient Abdel Halim Ibrahim (architect and
professional, University of Cairo, Egypt), questioning and provoking the
audience with respect to the meaning of the built form and material in this
The presentation of papers started with the theme of “Social Impact on
Mediterranean Architecture.” Papers explored ideas of cultural identity in ...

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