An Anchor and a Vehicle A Muslim’s Reflection on His Faith

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Zakyi Ibrahim



This editorial was first published in Dutch in 2015 as part of a collection of
reflections on faith (“Anker en voertuig,” in Geloven - Spirituele denkers uit
de hele wereld getuigen, ed. Jürgen Mettepenningen (Tielt: Lannoo, 2015), 73-
78. Forty-six scholars of diverse religious backgrounds around the world were
sent a set of questions: “What Are the central features of your faith?” “How is
your belief in praxis?” “Why do you believe (belief)?” “What is the richness
of faith?” and “What has faith given to you? How can it be meaningful to others?”.
As the style was “conversational,” all references were omitted. I obtained
the editor’s written permission to publish the English version.

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