The Words of God to Prophet Muhammad Forty Sacred Sayings by John Andrew Morrow (Chicago: Kazi Publications, 2015. 282 pages.)

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Shabbir A. Abbas



Sayyid Hasan Shirazi, a member of the famed Shirazi clerical family of Iran
and Iraq, is best remembered for establishing the first Damascene Twelver
seminary in the 1970s and his unfortunate 1980 assassination in Beirut. Along
with his involvement in many political endeavors and leading dissident movements
against both the Iraqi Baathists and the Saudi royals, Sayyid Hasan was
notable for his efforts to reconcile Syria’s heterodox Alawite community with
the more orthodox Twelver Shi‘i community. But beyond these leadership
roles, he was a prolific scholar. One of his works that received much praise in
the Arabic-speaking world, his twenty-five-volume Kalimat series, covered a
wide array of selected narrations ranging from those of God Himself to the
Ahl al-Bayt and the Twelve Imams, their companions, and previous prophets.
The first volume, Kalimat Allāh, is a compilation of al-aḥādīth al-qudsīyah,
which are not considered part of the Qur’an. A selected translation of Kalimat
Allāh is the focus of this review ...

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