A Response to Shabbir A. Abbas’ Review of The Words of God to Prophet Muhammad By John Andrew Morrow

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Shabbir A. Abbas



Shabbir A. Abbas, a graduate student from Rutgers University, completed
a thorough and thoughtful review of my work, The Words of God to Prophet
Muhammad: Forty Sacred Sayings, in the American Journal of Islamic Socials
Sciences 34, no. 2 (spring 2017): 102-04.
Abbas provides relevant biographical and bibliographical information
about Sayyid Hasan Shirazi, the compiler of Kalimat Allāh from which I
drew the Forty Hadith and presented in Arabic along with my English translation.
I am pleased that the reviewer described my translation as “refreshingly
accurate… and … perfectly intelligible.” I am also honored that he
described my preface as “excellent.” ...

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