A Brief Introduction to Quranic Exegesis By Ali Sulayman Ali (Herndon: International Institute of Islamic Thought, 2017. 178 pages.)

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Mobeen Vaid



Ali Suleiman Ali’s A Brief Introduction to Quranic Exegesis provides a lucid
summary of the Quranic exegetical genre, beginning with the exegetical
practices of the Prophet’s Companions and concluding with modern exegetical
trends. Drawing largely from classical Sunni literature, Ali’s work is
confessional but nonetheless conversant with Orientalist examinations and
critical treatments of the tradition. In his introduction, Ali states that he
intended to provide something “brief and descriptive not analytical,” which
is an accurate characterization of the work. It is considerably more detailed
than the cursory summary included in Von Denffer’s popular Ulum
al-Quran, while retaining an accessibility for undergraduate and graduate
students gaining initial exposure to the Quranic text and its concomitant
explanations ...

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