Ali A. Mazrui, IIIT, and the Muslim Experience in the United States of America

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Zakyi Ibrahim



This editorial is dedicated to paying a tribute to Professor Ali A. Mazrui, who
passed away in Binghamton, New York, on October 13, 2014. From 2009
(AJISS 26:1) until his passing, Professor Mazrui was the editor-in-chief for
this journal. In years to come, we may consider dedicating a special issue to
him and his general intellectual contributions. But for now, we present the following
tribute penned by his friend and colleague, Professor Sulayman S.
Nyang (Howard University, Washington, DC), as published in IIIT “Special
Issue: Farewell Professor Ali Mazrui” (October 2014).
Professor Ali A. Mazrui, the celebrated scholar, author, and public intellectual
from Kenya came, performed, and departed gracefully. Certainly, those who
knew him well gladly fared him well, knowing beyond reasonable doubt that
he had the nerve and the verve to represent both Islam and Africa faithfully
and effectively. It is against this background that one can examine a profile of
the man and his legacies within many domains in America, the Islamic world,
and in the larger world ...

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